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    Saturday, August 11th, 2007
    11:22 am
    It's been another long pause in between entries. Well that's what happens when you move. I have moved yet again and it's to Normal. Seriously, I have moved to a town called Normal. Everyone can start the jokes now. Everyone always wants to know what Normal is, well I am going to tell you it's a town in Illinois that houses Illinois State University and is my new home. Casey got a job with the university so in June we moved out here. We live in Watterson Towers Residence Hall. It's the tallest building on campus, and we live on the 26th floor. From our windows we can pretty much see the whole campus. It's fun just to look out the window and see the beauty of campus. It is a erally lovely campus and a great town. It's weird to be out of college but still living at one. We are in a residence hall, but it's not like we are living in a room like the students do. We have a two bedroom apartment. We have a living room, dining room, full kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom and a small second bedroom. I still don't have everything unpacked but I am getting there slowly.

    Moving in with Casey, even though my parents don't approve, has been one of the best decisions of my life. Every day I fall more and more in love with him. I can't even imagine what it would have been like if I didn't move in with him. He is loving his job. He has 9 RA's he is in charge of, a grad student, and five floors of residence to look after. He has spent the better part of a month training and getting ready for his job. Students move in on monday, which seems really early, because it really is. They start school here about a week before any other school that I know of. It's gonna be weird living among college students when I am not one of them, but we aren't paying rent or utilities so it will pay off in the long run.

    I currently do not have a job, but I am working towards becoming a campus police officer. I have been working out as much as possible to get myself into shape. I have to take a phsyical test and a written test on August 25th. After those tests it's like a waiting game to see if I get selected for the next round and itnerviews. I am really excited about this opportunity. I went to college wanting to be a police officer and now my dream may actually be coming true. I have kind of put Las Vegas on hold, but Casey said that after he gets some experience if I still want to try for Las Vegas that he will apply to work at UNLV(university of nevada, las vegas) so I will have my shot at my ultimate dream job.

    For anyone who is curious or anyone who reads this anymore, Casey and I have talked about getting married and we will be getting engaged soon. How soon, well that's up to Casey and he isn't telling me anything. Although he likes to mess with me and pretend he is going to tell me when he is proposing. We do have a tentative date for the wedding, i know we are jumping the gun, most people set the date after the proposal, but we found the pefect date. If all goes well, we will get married, oct. 11, 2008. I know to most people that may seem like a random day, but to us it is very special. That date will mark our two year anniversary of when Casey offically asked me to be his girlfriend. When I realized that day was on a saturday I knew that it had to be when we got married. Now all I have to do is hope that the church, country club and other vendors have that day open.

    I miss all of my friends back in Pennsylvania. I know I couldn't wait to get out of Pennsyvlania but now that I am done I am wishing I could have had a little more time with my friends. I can't wait to paln trips out to see them, and I hope a few of them will plan trips out to visit me. anyone interested in spring break in chicago, we have a spare bedroom that is free and only a train ride away.

    I will try and keep this thing more updated, but I doubt I will, because I also doubt anyone has read it in forever. I will probably write again when I know more about if I am going to a campus police officer or not.

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    Thursday, April 12th, 2007
    3:55 pm
    It's been forever
    It's been months since my last post and a ton of things have happened. The biggest thing is taht Casey and I are now living together in his apartment at IUP. It is so nice living with him. It's nice having him come home from work and get to spend time with him. I love cooking dinner for him and just waking up in the morning with him there. I moved in right after the NFC Championship game, which by the way Casey and I were at. That was totally cool. Even though DA Bears didn't win the superbowl, watching them win the NFC title was totally awesome. It was a perfect game. Took the train into the city from my grandparents, took a bus to the field. It was cold, started snowing at the end of the game and we drank beer. What could have been better? The next day after the game, I drove my car and Casey drove his truck and we made it back to his apartment. Been pretty much heaven ever since.

    Yup, I got myself a car when Casey came to visit me in Minnesota right after New Years. I got a 2001 Ford Taurus. So far it hasn't caused me problems. There was a squeek in the engine but they figured it out and put something in my oil to fix it when i got my oil changed. It's a good car, gets good highway miles, the city miles suck, and that's all I drive it anymore.

    I am working at the Indiana Country Club. I started as a bus girl, now I am working as a waitress there. It's nice I like it, but it's not perminant. I am just holding onto that job until Casey graduates and we move to where ever he gets a job. Currently he has three campus interviews, University of Maryland, Illinois State University and New Mexico State University. I wouldn't mind living in any of those places, so we'll see how the interviews go. He is excited about possibly having a job lined up after he graduates. Once we know where we are moving to then i will start looking for a job in my field around the area we will be living.

    So a couple weeks ago, I did something kind of crazy. Well crazy for me. I went to an open casting call for America's Next Top Model. I know know how I did, after I went I felt like I was a total dork on tape and one of my pictures i submitted makes me look short, which isn't a good thing but I am just waiting and seeing. I don't know when i'll hear back if I get a call back, but I try not to think about it. I keep myself busy with work and spending time with Casey.

    Casey and I just celebrated our 6 month anniversary. It seems like these past six months have gone by so fast, but it's been wonderful and I can't wait for the next six months to pass. We didn't do anything special to celebrate. I got him a CD, he got me a dozen roses, and a couple movies. Just spending time with him was enough. We both get so busy we barely have time to spend with each other, but when we do it's so nice.

    So it's totally suppose to be Spring and we have been getting snow and hail. Kind of sucks. My parents in minnesota got four inches the other day and my mom had a snow day. I thought global warming was suppose to be going on, not global freezing.

    Well I am pretty sure that is everything. I will try and update more for those if any of you actually read this.
    Sunday, December 31st, 2006
    12:42 am
    Almost another year
    Well, it's almost 2007. My how my life changed this past year. Well it only really started changing these past few months. Went from being engaged looking forward to getting married, to not being engaged and being single, to having an amazing boyfriend.

    I will admit that being back home has made me kind of depressed. The first time I went to church here I started to cry. Just being in that church made me so emotional. Hopefully I can handle it tomorrow and next weekend. The nice thing about this coming week is my amazing boyfriend is coming up to visit and spend time with me. That will make this coming week a lot easier, instead of me just wallowing in what could have been and what almost was. I do still talk to Josh on occasion. Obviously we don't walk as much as we use to when we were together, but that's understandable. He is actually keeping himself busy trying to become a Ruby Tuesday's manager. I wish him all the best of luck with that. It's weird sometime I miss having that ring on my finger, but I have another ring that I wear on that hand. Some people might not understand why it's weird, but you wear a ring on the same finger for over a year and a half and then take it off and you tell me if it feels weird or not. I know what happened was for the best, both Josh and I agreed that it wouldn't have worked out and such, but it's still hard to come to grips with the fact that the beautiful wedding I planned isn't going to happen. Well one day I will finally get married.

    It doesn't look like I'll be moving in with Casey after he visits. I got a call from Eckerd Youth Alternatives to schedule a camp visit and I told them they can fly me out of Minneapolis so I will be living at home at least until I come home from that. After that I will probably move to pennsylvania while I wait to get a job offer. Accepting the camp position will probably be all based on what I think of the camp and everything when I go to visit. I still have that job opportunity in Indiana,PA so hopefully I will hear back from them this coming week, and if they offer me a job i might take it or see if I can just think about it until my camp visit and make a decision until then. Probably do what the Gilmore Girls would do and make a pro and con list about each of the jobs.

    Went cosmic bowling last night. It was pretty fun. I won money. By the end of the night one of the guys who works at the bowling alley was coming up to people and telling them that he would give them five dollars if they got a strike. So when it came to mine turn, low and behold I got my first strike of the night, it was on the like third or fourth game, and I believe my only strike of the night. So I got five dollars from that, then like the next frame or two I got a 3-7-10 split, which if you ever bowl it looks every ugly and pretty hard to get down all three pins, even people who bowl all the time sometimes miss, and I am pretty sucky at bowling. So my mom knew how ugly that combo was so she was like, 'i'll give you five dollars if you get that pick up'. And as it turned out I got the pick up and it was my first spare of the night. So I walked away from bowling with 10 more dollars, which is pretty good by me. Next friday Casey and I are going to go, my parents were going to come, but they have a wedding they are invited to and since I won't be getting married the next day then they are going to the wedding.

    It wasn't until I had to think of things for Casey and I to do that I really realized that there is nothing to do in this town and nothing remotely close. We might drop off my little sister at college for her J-term, but it all depends on how Casey is feeling if he would be up for another six hours in the car. Paula and I haven't played DDR as much as we would like, but we still have a few days. Of course while Casey is here I will take him to the SPAM Museum, because according to Paula everyone needs to visit there at least once in their life. Plus of course there is the Mall of America, which is a trip that will last all day. I think, me, Casey and my parents will go to Diamond Joe's(a casino) one night, plus there are so many movies that casey has never seen and needs to watch. And that's pretty much it for stuff to do, there will be a lot of time spent in the house probably helping take down christmas decorations and watching movies, I am sure I will find other places to visit.

    Well, that's about it for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year.

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    Wednesday, December 27th, 2006
    11:26 pm
    College Graduate...... Whoa!
    So I have been a college graduate for a little over a week now. Kind of scary. It was all good though. Kind of freaked out about a test score but it all turned out well. The actual graduation cerimony kind of sucked, it was long and boring, but i got to walk across the stage and get my diploma.... HOLDER. I won't get my actual diploma for a few more weeks. No jobs yet. I did interview in person with Farmland and just yesterday I got a phone call from the guy and he kind of offered me a different position in the company but I turned him down, it wasn't really what I was hoping for. He said he is still going to talk to HR and see if they can't fit me into the company. More then likely I will turn down any job they offer me just because I have no interest in working in a meat packing plant the rest of my life. I am waiting to hear back from a few more interviews I had. I called one yesterday and they are waiting for people to come back from holiday vacation so I will give that another week or so before I call again.

    Hopefully it won't be too long before I get a full time job. I am hoping to move in with Casey after he visits me after the new year, so when that happens I'll get a part time job or two until something more perminant comes along. I'll probably work at the bar at night and then some place else during the day. We'll see what the job market is like and how everything goes. It will be nice living with him. Not only would it be cheaper then getting my own place, it would in fact be cheaper then living with my parents for much longer because after a while they will make me start paying them rent. Crazy I know but that's how it works in their world.

    Not much else going on here. Had a good Christmas, as good as it can be being away from Casey. I got some really nice clothes, and a nice leather jacket from my parents. Plus my mom got me the beginning of the Ilador Nativity set. It's absolutly beautiful. I am so excited about getting the rest of the collection. There is another nativity set at Sterling Drug that hopefully will go on sale more then 50% off so I can buy it. I know 50% is a lot but when it's originally 140 dollars you want to get it for the best price possible. I am hoping it will go down to 70% off soon.

    Casey is going to be here in less then a week to spend about four or five days with me. that is going to be so much fun. I miss that boy so much. well, I'll update again later. I am gonna go watch Grease 2 with my little sister.

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    Thursday, December 14th, 2006
    3:07 am
    Few Days Left
    With only a few days left, I am getting really excited about finally graduating college. I still have one more test to take and a paper to finish. Unfortunatly my test is my Econ 422 test and I need to get a D on the final to get a D in the class that way i can pass the class and graduate. I am not to worried, I did get some help and got a good grasp on the concepts that we will be tested on.

    I have a few job interviews lined up. Friday I have an in person interview with a company called Family Behavioral Resources. I am not sure what job I am interviewing for, but I will find that out on Friday. The nice thing about this job is that it is only 6 minutes from IUP so i would be able to be close to my friends. I have an in person interview with Farmland Foods, but I am not really interested in that job because it would be like my summer job at QPP, but I am keeping it open as an option. I am going to be submitting my paper work for a background check to be a counselor at a place called Eckerd Youth Alternatives, and that job would be down in North Carolina. I went from wondering what the hell I would be doing after graduation and now I have three prospective jobs, so I am well on my way.

    Well updating this was a nice break from doig work. I'll update when I am not so busy.

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    Thursday, December 7th, 2006
    1:50 am
    Da Bears
    I forgot to add that DA BEARS are kicking some ass this season. Their offense sucks something awful, but Brian Urlacher is the greatest defense player ever, and this girl has his jersey. I smell the super bowl, and they will bring back the super bowl suffle. Just had to add that.

    DA BEARS!!
    1:47 am
    Almost Done
    It's been a while since I have updated. I have been meaning to update, but then school usually gets in the way and I don't update. Well I only have a week and a half left before I am an offical college graduate. It's kind of scary. I have been working for this for four and a half years, but it doesn't seem like I am ready. I mean I am ready to get out of IUP and start in the real world, but a part of me wants to remain behind. I don't want to leave all my friends and my wonderful boyfriend Casey behind. I will hopefully have chances to visit and such. But I am ready because I know that I can get a job, and I have a second interview tomorrow for one that I am really hoping to get so we will see how that goes.

    Yesterday I saw Josh for the first time since we cancelled the wedding. It was kind of awkward, because we both haven't really talked much to each other, but when we do talk it's very animated, plus he knows I have a boyfriend so that might make him uncomfortable. He dropped off my bridesmaid dress and a few other things he had of mine, and then he took with him the TV, fridge and tv stand I had that he was letting me use. So now my room seems really empty and I have no tv to watch, but the good thing is that I can always just go down to casey's apartment and watch tv when I want. Which is nice but then I can't do my work on my computer and watch tv at the same time. It was nice today, I went down there before my last class, watched some tv and even vaccumed for him, which i was going to clean his whole apartment but I didn't have enough time between stuff I had to do to completely clean it.

    So I have a second interview tomorrow with Eckerd Youth Alternatives. I would be an outdoor counselor. Pretty much working in a camp with high risk youth. It's something I am really itnerested in doing. It would be a change of pace for me. I would be out in the woods, five days a week for pretty much two years, with no electricty or running water. But I can deal with that. It's a chance for me to make a difference in kids lives. Which is really important to me. Catching troubled kids at an early stage and preventing them from going further down the path of crime is really helpful in preventing adult crime. The second interview is a phone interview so I am hoping that goes well and they will ask me to come in for an in person interview. I do have an in person interview with Farmland foods for a job at their plant in Illinois. I can to figure things out for that tomorrow. It's not going to be my top choice, because i am not interesting in spending the rest of my life in a slaughter house, but i will keep it open as an optition if the cousneling position doesn't go the way i want it to go, that way I do have some sort of job when I get out of college.

    Well, I am now 23 years old and I had a pretty good birthday, better then years past. I went out to the bar with Casey, and got drunk, but it was fun. Got a happy birthday hat from wolfies and had a ton of people sign it. Got it announced many times that it was my birthday and by the end of the night I was Mrs. Peter Griffin (casey's nickname is Peter Griffin). It was a lot of fun. Casey got me a beautiful diamond heart necklace for my birthday, which I have worn every day since. He even gave it to me a week early because he couldn't wait to give it to me. He is such a little kid when it comes to that, not being able to wait. I am having a hard time coming up with Christmas gift ideas for him, but I am working on it, got a few ideas, so hopefully I will be able to get them for him.

    Well, I am gonna head to bed so I can a good night sleep before my interview. I will try and update one more time before I graduate.
    Tuesday, October 24th, 2006
    5:14 pm
    Fall Break and such
    Well, just had fall break for school. Boy did I need that break. Not having classes for two days was so wonderful. What's really nice is the fact that now all we have is a three day week and then low and behold it's the weekend again. Although I do have duty on Friday but it's with my bestest friend, so that will be completely fun. I might go out to a party or something for halloween I'll have to see who is partying.

    I did have a good weekend, finally got away from IUP. Went out to eastern PA with Casey and ended up going to Kutztown, which is his undergrad. It was their homecoming so we partied with some of his friends that were still there. It was a lot of fun, and something I needed. I got to drive Casey's truck back to Indiana, not the whole way, but I drove for about a good hour or so. Which is pretty cool, because he never lets anyone drive his truck. It was pretty easy to drive, even though it is HUGE. He told me that he'll have to teach me how to park it that way if i need to go somewhere he could let me borrow his car if the bus doesn't go to where i need to go.

    Today I got some sad news, a girl i went to highschool with my freshman and sophomore year died of lukemia on monday. It was her second battle to get it into remission and unfortunatly she lost. It's sad when a life is taken so young. She had been so sick the past few weeks it's like she really didn't get to do everything she wanted. I am sure she was able to spend as much time with her family as she could, but it probably just snuck up on her. The good thing about her passing is that now she is in a better place where nothing can hurt her. I would like everyone who reads this to say a prayer for Nikki Kukwa and her family.

    School is going pretty good. In less then two months I am graduating. I am still looking for jobs, and hopefully I will have something lined up for after graduation. It takes time, but hopefully my paitents will be rewarded.

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    Sunday, October 8th, 2006
    2:36 pm
    A lot of updating
    I have a lot of updating to do and I am not sure I will be able to do it in one sitting, depends on how emotional I get, plus the Bears game is on and it's the third week in a row I get to see it.

    Well, most of you already know this, but for those I haven't been able to talk to who actually read my live journal, which probably no one does. I am a single girl. Josh and I broke up a week ago. It started two weeks ago with a major fight, then we decided to cancel the wedding so we could figure things out, and then Josh asked if we could take a break until Thanksgiving. I agreed to that thinking that we would get back together before thanksgiving, but after a few days, I had talked to Josh on the phone and he had mentioned that he was thinkg about us just being friends. And that got me thinking, that maybe he and I should just be friends if that is what he was thinking. So I wanted to wait until my crazy week was over to confront him about that, but I couldn't. He and I talked and broke up Monday morning. Josh and I are remaining friends, and we both still love each other very much, but I think it is the right choice that he and I don't get married. I am sure there is someone more perfect for him out there then me, and I am sure I will find someone else as well.

    My friends have been amazing through this whole thing. These past two weeks have kind of passed in a blur, and there are times where I know I could just sit down and cry, but my friends are keeping me busy, knowing that being depressed isn't going to solve any problems. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask. I am not afraid to talk about, I find talking about it helps me deal with it.

    I had an amazing weekend, this past weekend. My little turned 21 and for the first time ever I was drunk. According to my friend Casey, I am a mean bitch when I am drunk. There are actually things about that night, mostly stuff I said that I don't remember. Oh well, that happens, I am just glad I didn't throw up or anything, although Rachel did. It was such a good night and I had tons of fun. I was able to make spaghetti yesterday, didn't turn out like it usually does, but it's been a while since I have made it and it was with different noodels so that could have been the reason. It was nice having a pasta meal again. Today I am just watching DA BEARS, then I have homework to work on and I might go to the movies later tonight just to get out of the dorms. I am in the building way too much.

    Well, I will update later, and about a lot more interesting things ;)

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    Friday, September 8th, 2006
    7:56 pm
    Second Week Done
    So it's the end of week number two. I haven't updated in a while, but things have been pretty busy. RA Training was pretty good, kind of exhausting though, but I survived. I have survived my first two weeks of this semseter and I am excited about the rest of the semester. I really want to graduate and start a job in the real world. I am also looking forward to getting married. The wedding is pretty much planned. Invitations will be sent out soon, which is exciting.

    Classes are in full swing, but it's only really been review so nothing really too hard. I am sure next week will be the start of new material.

    It's weird. Over the summer I couldn't wait to get back to school, but now that I have been back for a bit I miss being at home. Maybe it's because this summer I didn't get to spend that much time with my little sister, so I kind of want to spend more time with her because once I graduate and get married I won't see her nearly as much as I did while I was in college. It could also be that it was my last real time at home and I still like going home and having my mom cook dinner and stuff like that and once I am married I won't have that, I'll be starting a family and I'll be mommy within a few years. It's just weird that all of this is happening. Four years ago I thought it would take forever for me to graduate and I didn't even think about being engaged and getting married after I graduate and now I am going to graduate and get married. Sometimes it seem surreal, but I love every minute of it.

    Being an RA is going well. No major problems as of yet. Tonight is my first duty weekend night so we'll see how it goes. I'll update when I can.

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    Monday, August 7th, 2006
    7:05 pm
    Almost time to go back
    In four short days I'll be leaving Austin, MN to head back to school. Gonna be making a few pit stops on the way. Friday after work, we are heading to Chicago. YAY! I was just there yesterday for the Cubs game, but I can't get enough of that city. We are going to stay at my mom's parents place for the night, then me, my mom, Paula and Grami(my mom's mom) are going to head out to my Aunt Cindy's saturday afternoon for my bridal shower. I am really excited about it. I have been hearing about it all summer and now it's finally here. I can't wait to see all of my female relatives. I am not sure which ones will be there, hopefully my mom's sister-in-laws will be there. I haven't seen them in what seems like forever. It should be a good time, knowing my aunt she is going to go all out and it will be a blast. Then sunday morning we leave for PA. We will be making a stop in North Royalton, OH so I can visit my most wonderful friends, I am not sure how many I'll get to see. Nikki I'll definitly get to see her. It's been ages, and I don't know how often we will get to see each other after I graduate. I am also hoping to see Devin, I haven't seen him since junior prom, but we have kept in touch and remained really good friends. Then Sunday evening we get to New Castle and I get to see my wonderful fiance. Monday morning my mom and sister head back to PA and I get to spend two days with my wonderful man and then I'll be heading back to IUP for RA training and my final college semester.

    I can't wait to see my unoffical little. I have missed Kristin so much this summer. She and I are going to have a blast being RA's in the same building. I already have some fun stuff planned to do with her and everything, so this semester will be anything but boring.

    Leaving is going to kind of be bittersweet. This summer I have spent a lot of time on day shift and have really gotten close with the people and have made several friends. It also seems weird that I am gonna be leaving and not coming back next summer. The past two summers I always left knowing I would be back again, but this time I am leaving for good. Next summer I'll have a real world job and be a grown up, I'll be married and just my world will change, but I am excited about changes that will be made in my life.

    Lately it's just been work work and more work. Yesterday my dad and I got up early in the morning to travel to chicago just to see the Cubs/Pirates game which the cubs won. YAY! Then we got back in the car to come back here, because my dad had to work today, but I didn't since it's a floating holiday at work. I'll do anything to see a cubs game. Starting tomorrow is the county fair, which means after work a couple days i'll probably ride my bike there and check it out since the fair grounds are a five minute bike ride away.

    Other then work and going to the fair this week will be about packing up my stuff and getting ready to finish up my college career. I probably won't update again until I get back to school, and once school starts I know I'll have a lot to update about.

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    Tuesday, July 25th, 2006
    8:51 pm
    Well, yesterday in the mail, I got my wedding invitations. they look so amazing, and everyone you'll just have to wait until they are mailed to see what they look like. Josh won't even get to see them before they are mailed out, but he helped pick them out so he knows generally what they will look like. Having the invitations is making it so much more real. Not that it wasn't real before but now I have something to look at, knowing that these will be mailed out. It's a notice to everyone that I am getting married. I mean everyone knows already, but this is more offical, it's an invitation, it's asking people to come and share the most important day of mine and josh's life. When my mom said that the package was my wedding invitations, I couldn't wait to open it and take a look at them. The only other thing that has really gotten me giddy about my wedding is my dress fittings. I love trying on my dress, knowing that on January 6 I'll be walking towards the man that I love more then anything in this world.

    I am not sure what is going on with my bridal shower. Those invitations, have supposidly been mailed out, so hopefully they will arrive soon. Any later and the people invited will have no time to RSVP or make arrangements to come to the shower.

    Ok, I meant to completely update, but I got caught up in my little sister playing oregon trail on the other computer. I'll update tomorrow.

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    Sunday, July 16th, 2006
    3:53 pm
    One More month
    Only one more month before I return to Pennsylvania and the wonder that is IUP. I am getting really excited about returning. For one thing I haven't seen josh is a month and it's gonna suck waiting another month to see him, but it will be completely wonderful. For another thing I haven't seen my friends since May, so I have been going crazy with out them, thankfully work keeps me busy all the time. And lastly I can't wait to get this semester started so I can get it over with and graduate and then get married. Although this semester might prove to be rather interesting. I am not sure I have all the classes I need for either of my majors and might have to drop one to a minor because I can't fit all the classes in in a semester and finish both as majors. The criminology advisor didn't really give me the advice i need so I will go in and talk to her when school starts so I can get it figured out that first week so I know what I am doing. I would rather not drop one to a minor but if it comes to that I will.

    Another job announcement was listed on the Nevada Gaming Control Board website. Actually two jobs were listed but one I have no interest in plus I don't have the degree to get the job. I am gonna apply for the other job that is open and hope that i can get hired and can start work after I graduate. Which would be sweet and that job is in Carson City so it's not Las Vegas, but it's still Nevada. I really want to move out there, but I want to have a job prospect before packing up and moving out there. We'll have to wait and see.

    It's funny how people in college can still act like highschoolers. Especially when it comes to not liking people. Doing things behind someone's back is just wrong and mean no matter what age you are, but to post it one the internet where people, including that particular person can see it is cruel. That's the one problem I have with the website facebook. You can create groups and such that bash other people and feel like you are all proud and everything, but it's just an inmature way of dealing with things. I think if someone does that it's not really out of anger but probably more out of jealousy because you can't stand that the other person is better in school, or well travled and has done things you haven't done yet. It happens, you can't be better then everyone and bashing someone on the internet is not only a slap in their face it's a slap in yours because then everyone will know that you are probably jealous of that person. And thinking that people won't find out about it is stupid, because it's the internet, people find out a great many things on the internet. I know most of you who read this(the two maybe three people, if i am lucky) probably have no idea what I am talking about, but for those who do, hopefully you will support me and the person who is being bashed, and not tolerate the person who is doing the bashing. I just think if you can't confront the person and have to do something back handed like go to the internet to express your anger, distaste or even jealousy, then you are just a coward and aren't someone i want to deal with. I would rather have a person tell me to my face what they don't like about me, then try and hide it from me and get other people to dislike me for the reasons you dislike me.

    Ok, now that all didn't make sense, except to a few people but i just had to get it out there. I would have liked to use names, but to keep it a more private matter, i didn't. It probably applies to a lot of people, and I will just keep it general, because for those of you who read this you can fill in your own names and apply it to whomever you want.

    I am still trying to figure out if I can buy a car or not. I want to buy a car, but who knows if i can afford it. Work this year hasn't been the best, I struggled with over time at the beginning of the summer because the number of hogs they were getting, we had enough to barely make an 8 hour day. Now we are back up to having an almost 9 hour day, but it's kind of too little too late, but I'll have to wait and see. It will probably come down to how much of a loan do I want to take out to help me pay for a car. I have a month to look at cars and to figure out loan interest rates and such like that. Hopefully by the tie I am ready to return to IUP, I will be driving my very own car.

    That's about all the updating I have for right now. I work day shift this coming week and probably the next week, so that will be more over time. I will try and update before I head back to school, I make no promises.

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    Saturday, June 24th, 2006
    10:15 pm
    Ode to my best friends of my Senior Year
    I promised an ode to my best friends of my senior year so here it is. Now granted only one of these people actually goes to IUP with me, but the other two have been wonderful as well. I don't include my fiance in any of these, because he is always my best friend and I could write several entries on how wonderful he is and everything, but it would get tiring to read after awhile i am sure.

    These three people have been so wonderful over the past year, I needed a way to tell them how wonderful they are. I tell them all the time, but you can never tell a person too many times how much they mean to you. They are in no particular order, because I can't rank my best on who is better.

    To Sandra- You and I instantly became friends when we started working together at the plant. I am so grateful that we were both put on night shift the rest of the time. Leaving work to celebrate your 21st birthday was the best, and so much fun. I am glad you are one of my bridesmaids. I can talk to you about everything and anything and always get honest input from you. We can turn to each other with our problems, be it school, guys or home, we can talk to each other. I know we don't see each other nearly enough and I wish there were a way to fix that, but despite the miles between us we have remained strong friends and I know that will continue on through out our whole lives. It would be so awesome if you got a job in Reno and josh and I moved out to Vegas, we would be able to visit on weekends and see each other a lot more then we do now. I know that I need to start training for my bachelorette party and you need to over see my training but work has been getting in the way. I am so grateful you and I became friends, I don't know what the summer would have been like last year, I don't know what the school year would have been like if I didn't have you to talk to. Thanks for being such a wondeful friend.

    To Nikki- You and I have been close ever since I moved to North Royalton. When I moved out to Pennsylvania, our relationship took a hit and was strained and then non-exsistant after a while. Thanks to the wonderful creation of facebook we found each other again. Starting to talk to you again has been one of the best things that has happened to me this year. You always listened when I needed someone to vent to, and you always knew you could trun to me when you needed to vent. Reconnecting with you has made me remember the good times my life has had and the wonderful people that were in my life. You and I have always been destined to be friends forever. I still have all the friendship things we exchanged. You traced, colored and framed a picture of mickey mouse for me that has hung up in my rooms ever since. Up until this year in college the movie poster of The Beach has hung in my room, reminding me of how we both loved Leonardo DiCapiro and had a movie marthon of all the movies of him we could find. Every time I watch Dirty Dancing i think about how much you love that movie and how we wanted to learn the dance at the very end. Thinking about you takes me back to the wonderful days of highschool at north royalton, but it always brings me back to the bitter sweet memory of the fight that tore us apart. But we have recovered from that, and are better friends because of it. I know we haven't seen each other as much as we may have liked, but life is funny like that, and with how often I move it's hard to keep track of me. Since I am hoping to have a car by the fall, I'll be able to visit you over a weekend or two when I am back in school. Seeing you again would solidify our friends and just make me soo happy. No matter what life throws at us, I think we will always be friends and I am grateful every day that you and I sat next to each other in a class in 8th grade. That moment, i didn't know it then, but I know it now, was when I got one of my best friends.

    Last but certainly not least To Kristin- I am so glad that you joined PTX, although it would have been even better if you were offically my little. But all in all, having you in PTX made this year bearable. My only regret is that we weren't that close the first semester. If we were closer I probably would have asked you to be one of my bridesmaids, but I will settle for being really good friends with you. Being in the same building RAing with you, it's going to be crazy, crazy in a good way. Todd will not know what to do with each other and we will have Jordan falling in love with you so fast he won't know what happened. PTX will always be once again fun since you'll be there. We will definitly have to hang out a lot and do a lot this next semester. Make up for the first semester we knew each other and make up for time lost since I'll be graduating in December. It's gonna suck that I won't be able to celebrate your 21st birthday with you, but with any luck you'll be coming out to Las Vegas for Spring Break and you and I will celebrate in high style. Although I won't be able to gamble with you, I'll be able to take you out drinking. I am just so happy that you and became friends. You bring out the more fun and youthful side to me that I sometimes lose because I am too busy thinking about the future and what to do with my life in the real world. You and I will always be friends, I know I can also count on you to cheer me up when need be, and be happy for me when I am happy. You are the person to turn to in times of need and you know you can always turn to me in times of need. I'll be ready with the ice creams and fun little gifts. You are the best and I am thankful we are friends.

    Now I had more then just these three friends last year, but these three people I wanted to single out because they are three of the best and I am thankful every day that they are my friends.

    I'll update with a normal update again soon.

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    Friday, June 23rd, 2006
    8:09 pm
    The Grind
    Well before I say anything more, I just want to say Congrats to my future brother-in-law on his marriage. This past weekend I was in Pennsylvania to watch Chris and Stephanie Palmer get married. It was such a nice wedding. The weather was great, although it was a little hot, especially for the guys in their tuxes, but no rain, all sunshine. It was also wonderful seeing josh again. In another two months, well less then that I'll get to see him again, when I head back to school. Until then I'll be working the grind.

    The grind is a term I learned from Deadliest Catch. Sig Hanson used it on one of the episodes when talking about cod fishing. He described it as a tiring routine of the same thing for hours. Although I am not working the hours the guys work on the deadliest catch sometimes I feel like my job is a grind. Like this week I was on loins, which means every other hours I am on the line inspecting the loins to make sure nothing bad gets packaged. Sometimes it's good, there is a steady pace, but there were times this week when it was crazy, loins were stacking up and I couldn't keep up. There were also times when I would be standing around doing nothing. No loins were dropping so I had nothing to do. All in all I am liking the day shift more then the night shift. For some reason the night shift girls have gotten really stuck up and just complain about everything they have to do, but still are working at the job. It's amazing how much they complain about what they do and yet they are still there, probably because they know that they can't get a job that pays like this one.

    Another thing that sucked this week, is that Paula has worked a lot and it's usually at night so I haven't been able to spend much time with her because I would be sleeping by the time she gets home, and she definitly doesn't get up to see me before I go to work. I will wait up for her tonight and maybe play some DDR, maybe watch a movie and then we will hang out tomorrow before she goes to work and maybe again afterward.

    So today my mom and I watched The Island, the movie with Ewin McGregor and Scarlette Johannson. I know i spelled her name wrong. I got it in the mail today from blockbuster.(I have a month of free on line movie rentals). It was a really good movie, not the kind of movie I would think my mom would like, but she liked it. It was definitly different, they put a lot of ideas from other movies and books into one movie. It was pretty long, we even stopped it and ate dinner before finishing it. Sometime tomorrow I think Paula and I are going to watch Lord of War, even though we both have seen it already, we want to see it again. Tomorrow we should be getting March of the Penguins which I know my mom will want to watch as well, so we might have to keep that for a few days so all of us can watch it together. Paula and I are hoping to get Memoirs of a Gashia soon. I read the book and it was great and now I am really interested in seeing the movie, even though I know it will be different.

    Well, that's about it for now. My next entry will be an Ode to the three best friends of my Senior year. So stay tuned.

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    Sunday, June 11th, 2006
    10:02 pm
    It's been a while, a long while
    Every time I would think about updating this things, something would distract me. I was going to update before I left school, but for those of you in college, you know what it's like when teachers decided to pile on the work at the end of the year, and then of course came finals which meant studying all the time. Thankfully all my studying and hard work paid off. I had really good grades this semester. The best I have gotten in college so far. YAY for me. Then of course I got back home, had a ton of things to do the week before I started work. Which meant making phone calls, going to doctors appointments. I still have to make a denist appointment to get my last two wisdom teeth filled. Then of course i started work. Day shift, which wasn't so bad, i hadn't been staying up to late, it was just hard to get going at 6am, but then again, i never liked those 8am classes in college.

    I am settling into the routine off work. I have already made one rotation. Two weeks on day shift and I'll be starting my second week on night shift, then I'll be in pittsburgh this coming weekend for Chris and Steph's wedding then I'll be starting on day shift again. I am not sure which shift I prefer. I use to like night shift, but the girls have gotten really cady on night shift, and without sonia and sandra there, I don't really have anyone to talk to. During the half hour break on night shift, i'll talk to the two other summer helps, Lindsey, she is a little odd, but then I think it's because she just graduate highschool and this is probably her first major job. Josh doesn't talk much, but show me a guy who likes to talk and i'll look in the sky to see if pigs can fly.

    I have been doing a lot of wedding planning. I had my first dress fitting this past week. I'll be going in again in july for another fitting. I have my bridesmaid dresses hanging up in my closet, they look totally amazing. Paula has had hers fitted so when we go in again I'll be taking hers home. Got the DJ sending a contract, got the flowers done, gonna talk to the country club about cake and menu and other details. Gonna be making an appointment to talk to the string quartet for thw edding. Hopefully by the end of the summer all that needs to be done is send out the invitations.

    I am missing my IUP friends like crazy. I made some of the best friends this year and didn't get to spend the kind of time with them I wanted to. I can't wait to get back in August. I am gonna be an RA for my final semester and the best thing is that my bestest is gonna be an RA in the same building one floor below me. It's gonna be a blast. I had my reservations about staying in the dorms but having Kristin there will make it all worth it.

    Well I am gonna get going and spend some QT with my sister. I will update again soon, I promise, and soon to come and Ode to the best friends of my senior year.

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    Tuesday, April 11th, 2006
    10:57 am
    Finally Spring
    So we are finally getting warm weather, lets just hope it sticks around now. We had a lot of teasers and then it got cold again, lets hope this 60 degree weather sticks around and turns warmer. I know by the end of the week it's suppose to rain, but at least it's better then snow. But with thunderstorms like they are predicting it could make for a messy spaghetti dinner, so I have to probably come up with an alternate plan so no one is stuck outside if there is a lot of lightening.

    I am looking forward to this weekend. It's Easter weekend. Friday hopefully I will get to go to Living Stations at St. Ferds. Saturday Josh is taking me to the Pirats/Cubs game, which of course the Cubs are gonna win, hopefully they will sweep the pirates like they swept the cardinals. There is a roockie pitching on Saturday, so it will be interesting to see how he does. I saw him pitch during spring training and he was good, so hopefully he is the same now that it's regular season. Sunday of course is Easter and hopefully I will find a Catholic church to go to for Easter, because it was a disappointment last year going to Josh's church.

    Not much else going on. Just school, and school and school. This past weekend Josh and I went to the Amy Grant concert which was really cool, although we weren't allowed to wait afterward to get autographs, but the concert was really good. It's amazing how many of her songs from the 80s I still remember, and was able to sing almost every word.

    Josh finally beat me in Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, which was a fluke, I will get him next time. The one bad thing is we have played all but one of the games on the DVD's so when we start playing them again, the questions will probably repeat questions, but then again we repeat questions on the cards. I will reclaim the champion title.

    Not much else going on. I find out next week if i am gonna be an RA hopefully i get a position and hopefully I will be working in Wallice with my unoffical little Kristin. That's all for now, more later.

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    Tuesday, April 4th, 2006
    1:20 pm
    Day off
    Yay, we have a day off school. It's fun having a random day off in the middle of the semester. Couldn't come any sooner, I needed a day off. This since spring break have been really crazy, doing school work, trying to prepare for my last semester, trying to get an RA position.

    This past weekend was fun though. Josh and my friend Tommy came to visit. I hadn't seen Tommy since Homecoming so having him come up and stay for the weekend was really nice. The only not nice thing about it was he snores like unbelievably loud, so I didn't get much sleep. I did beat both him and Josh in Star Wars Trivial Pursuit twice, but then Tommy beat both me and Josh in Star Wars Monopoly. Josh and I went to see a couple movies this weekend, we saw She's the Man, which was cute and we saw Ice Age 2: The Meltdown, which was funny. This coming weekend Josh and I are gonna go to the IMAX theater and see V for Vendetta, my little sister says it's really good, and I can't wait to go see it. Also this weekend, Josh and I are going to see Amy Grant here on campus. I have liked her since I was a kid, so seeing her in concert will be cool.

    Apologies are a good thing, giving and receiving them. I received and unexpected apology this weekend, I have promised to keep everything anonymous, but I want to say thank you again for the apology. I also want to extend an apology to my two friends whom I have had a falling out with since this winter. If you read this you know who you are. I didn't mean to act that way, but things had to change to make thing easier and better for me and my situation.

    Well, nothing to much else is going on. Just counting down until the summer. I can't wait to get back home, make some money and buy a car.

    It's always the case, I think I have a lot to update but when I start I have got nothing to say. Oh well, it happens. Gotta get school work done while I have the day off.

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    Monday, March 20th, 2006
    10:46 pm
    Every intention
    I had every intention of completely updated today talking about spring break and everything, but after trying to figure out my verizon phone bill charges and everthing, doesn't put me in the mood. I don't even know what's going on with CSI: Miami because I was on the phone. I'll try and update tomorrow, hopefully it will be better.

    I need good news back from verizon, i'll explain when I am more in a mood to update.

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    Saturday, March 4th, 2006
    8:26 pm
    Spring Break around the corner
    Well with spring break just a week away, I am really looking forward to having a week off school. Of course it's midterm time and before I enjoy spring break I have two tests to take. Then over spring break, I have a project and debate to work on and a test to study for. So I will get to relax but I will also have work to do. It will be ncie to get away from Indiana for a bit, and get away from this apartment. Usually I love being in my apartment but last night was the worst.

    Ok, this is what happened last night. I got kind of sick yesterday, I have been getting stomach sick a little bit every day for the past couple of days, and this morning I had to be up for campus tours. Last night I decided to go to bed a little early hoping to catch up on some sleep and feel well and be awake for campus tours, that did not happen. About 1am last night, well early this morning, the guys upstairs decided to have a party with a keg and literally slam the keg down and it freaked me out that it would go through the floor/celing and land in my apartment. Usually when the guys are loud on the weekend and have people over they only are loud for an hour or so, but last night they were loud until 4am, I got so pissed off and I needed sleep that I came really close to calling the police and filing a noise disterbance complaint on the guys, but I didn't because I am nice. So all day today, during the tours I felt like I was ready to fall asleep the whole time. It was good that we neded up having a small group I was leading, they didn't ask too many questions, although the lecture at the dorm wasn't as it usually is I could do it better, but oh well.

    The rest of my day has been spent sleeping and then I have been doing my laundry, I should have been working on school work, but I am just tired and not really motivated to get it done. Hopefully I get a good night sleep tonight and am able to get a lot of work done tomorrow.

    I have to comment on this, I am not going to name names or anything, but I find it rather funny. There is someone who is worried about her weight, calling herself fat, wanting to go to the gym, work out and lose weight, but then on the weekend I notice in her away message she talking about drinking and eating junk food. I don't know how many people actually know that alcohol is fattening. I was thinking about this the other day, about the Freshman 15. It does have soemthing to do with the fast food we eat, but if you drink a lot of alcohol, you tend to gain more weight, maybe that is why I never gained that much weight in college, I have drank as much as some people. I would like to tell this person, you know if you stopped drinking a lot you could probably shed pounds a lot easier, but some IUP students, do believe in the whole, this is a party school and you have to party and drink to be an IUP student. I have made it through college with friends and a great experience and not a lot of drinking. Girls wonder how I can stay thin and really it's pretty much down to the fact that I don't eat a lot of junk, I don't eat potato chips, I don't go drinking a lot and when I do drink it's not that much. Plus I think living off campus and it's a walk to campus, I do get the chance to have a little work out every time I walk to campus and usually in a day i walk to campus two time so i make the trip four times. I guess those are most of the reasons why I haven't gained much weight, don't get me wrong, I have gained some pounds in college but never as much as 15 and I usually lose the weight at some point. I do just think that some people, mostly girls don't realize that their weight gain could be because of how much alcohol they drink.

    Wednesday is going to be a cool day. It's my mom's birthday, but what is really great about the day is it's the anniversary of when Josh proposed. Yup a year ago this coming wedensday in the afternoon, Josh got down on one knee on the beach and asked me to marry him. Even though it's been a year it doesn't seem like it, it feels like it just happened and what's weird is that there are still over 300 days until we get married, but I know that time will fly by as well, because not only am I worrying about college and classes I am still planning the wedding so I have a lot of stuff going on so it keeps me occupied and the more I do the faster the time goes.

    Well, I need to get my last load of laundry out of the dryer. I'll probably update after spring break since this week will be full of studying and working on my crim paper.

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